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We are excited to bring this musical to our mainstage and celebrate community and the Latine culture. Performances will be May 31st – June 2nd at 7 pm and June 3rd at 2 pm and 7 pm at Leading Edge Academy. Check out the extremely talented cast below!

Usnavi – Male, mid-late 20s, baritone. Owner of De la Vega’s Bodega (corner store). The show’s narrator and main voice.

Nina Rosario – Female, late teens/early 20s, soprano. Daughter of Kevin & Camila Rosario, freshman at Stanford University. Very bright, sweet, feels that she has let everyone down because she’s dropping out of college.

Abuela Claudia – Female, 60s+, alto. Raised Usnavi and Sonny. Grand-matriarch of the entire community.

Benny – Male, mid-late 20s, tenor. Works at Rosario’s Car & Limousine, though he’s trying to make more of himself. In love with Nina.

Vanessa – Female, mid 20s, mezzo-soprano. Usnavi’s love interest. Works at the neighborhood hair salon, wants to get out of the barrio, worldly and urban. Dancer.

Sonny – Male, teen, tenor. Usnavi’s younger cousin. Incredibly funny and flirty.

Kevin Rosario – Male, 40s, baritone. Nina’s dad. Co-owner of Rosario’s Car & Limousine.

Camila Rosario – Female, 40s, mezzo-soprano. Nina’s mom. Co-owner of Rosario’s Car & Limosine, determined to keep the family together, stands up to Kevin, she is the glue of the family, straight talker.

Daniela – Female, 30s, alto. Salon owner who is quite known for spreading rumors.

Carla – Female, 20s, soprano. Hairdresser that works at neighborhood salon. Sidekick to Daniela.

Piragua Guy – Male, non-descript age, tenor. Neighborhood ice man.

Graffiti Pete – Male, late teen/early 20s, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone. Local graffiti artist. Dancer.

Ensemble – Any/All gender, age, vocal range, dance skills.