Maricopa Community Youth Theatre

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!!


Cast List

Narrator 1 – Yazzmine

Narrator 2 – Britney

Narrator 3 – Aubrey

Narrator 4 – Nate

 Augusta Gloop – Christina

Violet Beauregarde – Genevieve

Veruca Salt – Casey

Mike Teavee – Justin

Mr. Bucket/Mr. Salt – Nate

Mrs. Bucket/Mrs. Teavee- Grace

Grandma Georgina/ Mrs. Gloop – Yazzmine

Grandpa George/ Mrs. Beauregarde – Britney

Grandma Josephine/ Mrs. Salt – Aubrey

Grandpa Joe – Maria

Charlie Bucket – Ashley

Willy Wonka – Julie

Oompa Loompas – Narrators

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Maricopa Community Theatre began it’s youth programs in 2010 with a summer teen and children’s theatre summer camp. Each year, the program has grown into 1-2 teen and 1-2 children’s theatre productions topped of with our amazing summer camp!

Production History:

2010- Evening of Theatre Summer Camp

2011- Camp Rock, the musical

2012- The Wizard of Oz


The Emporer’s New Clothes

Musical Flux

Rebel Without a Cause

 Treasure Island


Alice in Wonderland

Pizza with Shrimp on Top

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily


The Grunch


Jane Erye

Annie, Jr

The Secret Garden


Little Mermaid, Jr.


Beauty IS a Beast

Mulan, Jr.


Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (March)

Aladdin, Jr. (Coming Summer 2018)


Check out our page for information on our upcoming youth productions!




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