Guess what’s coming?!?!?
000281_hero (1)Maricopa Community Theatre is thrilled to bring this amazing musical to the stage!

Audition information:

We are mixing it up BIG TIME on how we run the audition process for this show! Auditions will be held February 19 at 20 from 6pm to 8:30pm. There will be NO APPOINTMENTS for this production. Please arrive at 6pm at 43300 W Wild Horse Trail, Maricopa 85138 (yes, this is a residence) to audition. Auditions will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. If no one is there, we will close down for the night. This is our way of seeing who really wants to be in the show =)

Due to content in this show, auditions will be open to those who are 18 and up. Graduating seniors who turn 18 in the next few months may also audition.

Audition Requirements-

Please prepare to sing two contrasting rock style songs (not musical theatre style), 32 bars each, ACapella. Please be prepared to show emotion and character. There will be no accompanist provided for initial auditions. There will be no cold reading (This IS Rent)

From this we will prepare a callback list. Not everyone will be called back, but you may still be cast in the show.


These will be held February 21. We will be calling for specific roles-

Angel & Collins– 6-7 pm. Angel will sing a portion of Today for You, be asked to drum and will do some dance. Collins will sing a portion of Santa Fe and will do some Dance. Both will sing a piece of I’ll Cover You together.

Mimi & Roger– 7-8pm. Mimi will sing a portion of Out Tonight and will do some dance. Roger will sing a piece of Your Eyes, play guitar if they play and both will sing I Should Tell You together.

Maureen, Joanne and Mark– 8-930pm- Maureen will sing a portion of Over the Moon and dance. Joanne will sing a portion of We’re Okay. Both will sing a section of Take Me or Leave Me. Mark will sing a portion of Halloween. Mark and Joanne will sing and dance a section of Tango Maureen.

Performances are June 6, 7, 8, 9

Community Theatre Audition Form – This will need to be filled out for each production. There will be copies available at auditions, but feel free to print it out and fill it out before you come. Theatrical resumes are welcome and encouraged, and can replace the second page of the audition form. Headshots, or copies of head shots are welcome, especially if you are new to the MCT Family.

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