Thank you so much for your interest in auditioning for Maricopa Community Theatre! We look forward to having you onstage with us!

Cast List for Maricopa Community Theatre 2015-2016 Show Season

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition. You made the casting process a difficult one, which is an awesome problem to have!! Directors will be in touch with each cast individually to get you scripts, hold meetings, hand out rehearsal schedules and the like. Understudies will be cast for several roles and several shows as we draw closer to those productions. We can’t wait to see what the new season has in store for us all!

Last of the Red Hot Lovers-

Barney Cashman – David Vargas

Elaine Navazio – Alex Gray

Bobbie Michele – Danielle Lopez

Jeanette Fisher – Colleen Corliss

SM: Becky Zaudtke

AD: Carl Diedrich

The Secret Garden-

We will hold a second/callback audition on July 16 at 6pm at the new Casa de Vargas. Actors will be contacted to attend.

AD: Kaytlyn Kessler

SM: Emily Bell


The Snow Queen-

Gerda- Colleen Corliss

Kai- TBD

Snow Queen: Alexandra Gray

Rose: Hailey Reann Smith

Grandma: Cindy Kennedy

Troll: Michael Gray

River: Peter Trast

Witch: April Martinez

Crow: Carl Diedrich

Lady Crow: Danielle Lopez

Princess: Anna Papova

Prince: Gabriel Jenkins

Robber Girls Mother: Kati Trast

Robber Girl: Brittany Gonzalez

Reindeer: Nik Mase

Woman of the North: Cindy Kennedy

Ensemble (Flowers, Crows, Snowflake soldiers, Pigeons, Robber Gang):

Corey Simmons                       Kaytlyn Kessler                      Joycelyn Cabrera

Caitlyn Alexander                   Ashley Lynn                           Scarlett Wrightington

Sydnee Wrightington              David Vargas                          Jade Shaw

Aubrey Maas                           Samantha Urrutia                    Isaiah Evans

Rebekka Harris


Smaller roles will also be involved as additional characters.

Stage Manager: Emily Bell

Musical Director: TBD

Blithe Spirit:

Edith – Hailey Smith
Ruth – Cindi Calhoun
Charles – Peter Trast
Dr. Bradman – Michael Gray
Mrs. Bradman – Cindy Kennedy
Madame Artcati – Kati Trast
Elvira – Carrie Vargas

Stage Manager: Emily Bell

Next to Normal:

Diana Goodman – Carrie Vargas

Dan Goodman – David Vargas

Gabe Goodman – Ryan Glover

Natalie Goodman – Ashley Lynn

Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden – Gabe Jenkins

Henry – Carlos O. Venegas

SM/AD – Mandi Ware


Community Theatre Audition Form – This will need to be filled out for each production. There will be copies available at auditions, but feel free to print it out and fill it out before you come. Theatrical resumes are welcome and encouraged, and can replace the second page of the audition form. Headshots, or copies of head shots are welcome, especially if you are new to the MCT Family.

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