Thank you so much for your interest in auditioning for Maricopa Community Theatre! We look forward to having you onstage with us!

We have three mainstage productions throughout the year. Each will have its own unique set of audition requirements. This page will be updated for each production and will include the necessary paperwork and scheduler link to audition.

MCT’S 5th Anniversary Musical Extravaganza!!


I am smart enough to know that most of you will scroll right past this to see if you made the list for the musical production. Now that you have scrolled back up, I would like to congratulate each person who auditioned for a job well done. Maricopa and MCT is blessed to have an amazing amount of talent in this little hamlet off the highway.

That being said, I had a LOT of people audition with A LOT of songs for the show. As such, I had to cut songs that were auditioned. The show is looking like it will be about 2 1/2 hours with intermission. I cut just over 40 minutes of music and that woud’ve added another hour to the show. Please know that I love you all and love what you auditioned with, but that in the end, we went with what moved us the most. Something had to give. Thank you all so much for your love and passion for the arts and MCT.

Without further ado, here is the song list, cast and show order:

Act 1

1) Start The Party- Lead Vocal by Aundria Littlejohn Ensemble vocal: Kaytlyn Kessler, Alexandra Vargas, Kaytlin Bovey, Nik Mase, Corey           Simmons, Ashley Riecken, Alyssa Bailey

2) Don’t Go- Matthew Earnest

3) I Dreamed a Dream- Alexandra Gray

4) On the Right Track: Brittany Gonzalez and Mario Bandin

5) Giants in the Sky- Nik Mase

6) Honey Bun- Danielle Crosbie and Justin Davidson

7) So Far Away- Cindy Kennedy

8) Fantine’s Death/The Confrontation- Colleen Corliss, David Vargas and John Lapp (* Colleen, I hope you are up for this because I’d love it!)

9) In My Own Little Corner- Ashley Krupnik

10) The History of Wrong Guys- Ashley Riecken

11) Mr. Cellophane- Carl Diedrich

12) Maybe This Time- April Martinez

13) Cell Block Tango- Mona: Hailey Smith, Velma: Alexandra Gray, Hunyak: Ceylan Gentilella, June: Brittany Gonzalez, Annie: Ashley Krupnik, Liz: Carrie Vargas Ensemble: Kayla Patterson, Tracey Morrison Flores, Heather Mellstrom


Act 2:

1) I Just Can’t Wait to be King- Simba:Kaytlin Bovey, Nala: Alyssa Bailey Zazu: Kaytlyn Kessler

2) Agony- Matthew Earnest and Jerry Allen

3) Fever- Hailey Reann Smith

4) Cabaret- Cherish Forbes

5) Somewhere That’s Green- Alexandra Gray

6) You Learn to Live Without- Aundria Littlejohn

7) What is this Feeling?- Lead singers: Ashley Krupnik and Brittany Gonzalez  Ensemble: Kaytlin Bovey, Kaytlin Kessler, Alyssa Bailey, Corey Simmons, Nik Mase, Alexandra Vargas, Hailey Reann Smith, Cynthia Calhoun

8) Say it to me Now- David Vargas

9) Goodnight My Someone- Carrie Vargas and Alexandra Vargas

10) Roxie- Corey Simmons

11) Bring Him Home- Jerry Allen

12) Neverland- Colleen Corliss

13) Epilogue/Les Miserables- Whole Cast and MCT guest artists/crew in the audience


FINALLY- We will have a cast meeting THIS WEDNESDAY, Feb 25 from 7 to 8 pm to go over a few things and have people sign up for their rehearsal time. If you cannot be there, please contact your stage manager, Emily Bell, via the group page on Facebook. You will need to sign up for a rehearsal time. Reherasals will be on Mondays and Wednesdays between 6:30 and 9:30 and each will last one hour. We will have vocal/pick up rehearsals in April that we will sign up for later.

If you have not already been put into the group page on Facebook, it is probably because I am not FB friends with you.. request me as a friend and I will add you.

CELL BLOCK TANGO: Rehearsals begin TOMORROW, Tuesday the 24 at 9 p.m. We will run music from 9 to 9:30 and dance from 9:30 to 10:45. Please come dressed to dance, bring dance shoes and water to drink =)

Book Audition


Community Theatre Audition Form – This will need to be filled out for each production. There will be copies available at auditions, but feel free to print it out and fill it out before you come. Theatrical resumes are welcome and encouraged, and can replace the second page of the audition form. Headshots, or copies of head shots are welcome, especially if you are new to the MCT Family.

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