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Role Understudy
Sweeney Matt Ortega DeVashon Warrior
Lovett Carrie Vargas Nicole Fiscus
Judge DeVashon Warrior Matthew Call
Johanna Lindsay Decoste Britney Montgomery
Anthony Kris Ludlow Mario Bandin
Beadle Chris Goodrum Mario Bandin
Toby Julianna Goodrum Aubrey Maas
Beggar Woman Nicole Fiscus Maria Santillan
Pirelli David Vargas Chris Goodrum
Fogg Matthew Call Dylan Jacques
Bird Seller Maria Santillan Cherish Forbes
Ensemble Jack Rupp, Dylan Jacques, Sergio Barrera, Matthew Call, Mario Bandin, David Vargas, Cherish Forbes, Michael Grey, Alex Grey, Lexie Vargas, Talia Delareto, Aubrey Maas, Britney Montgomery, Maria Santillan, Zoey Siebler, Kalei Ashlock, Genevieve Burno, Rain Bovey, Grace Goodrum
             Thank you!!! Wow! So much great talent!! These were not easy decisions to make, but after talking with my staff I have decided that the following list represents the best cast to tell the story I want to tell. I also took in to consideration the demands of the rehearsal schedule. Please remember that ALL LEADS WILL BE IN THE ENSEMBLE, meaning that all leads are pulling double duty, because of this I could only cast those with minimal scheduling conflicts. Sweeney Todd will be one of the largest and hardest shows MCT has ever produced and we have a cast that is willing and ready to step up to the challenge!

As of now, I have most major conflicts for cast members; I will need to get the rest before I finalize the rehearsal schedule. Please have these dates ready to be written down and given to me at the first rehearsal. No other dates will be excused after this point. We do have a new attendance/truancy policy that we will be adhering to. So please make sure to collect all your dates.

The first rehearsal will be held at Casa de Vargas on Saturday, June 3rd starting at 9:30 AM until 12:30.

It is available in whole script form or by song. I would suggest printing out the libretto and then the songs as needed.
I am very excited to get started! Please replay back with an email no later than May 31st. If you do not reply I will assume you are declining your role. You may call, text, or email me. Thank you for coming out and auditioning! Our show is going to be outstanding!


Matt Ortega
Director, Sweeney Todd



Community Theatre Audition Form – This will need to be filled out for each production. There will be copies available at auditions, but feel free to print it out and fill it out before you come. Theatrical resumes are welcome and encouraged, and can replace the second page of the audition form. Headshots, or copies of head shots are welcome, especially if you are new to the MCT Family.

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